Diode-108 drum machine

Unique Beats You've Been Waiting For – Now for iPad!

“The ability to control effects hit by hit is probably the most overdue feature that I had not realized I wanted and now would not be without.“ - Bobbo924

Drag & Drop FX, Pitched Drums and more!

Use per-beat effects and a chromatic note mode to sweeten even the simplest patterns – or go nuts and easily build your own sublime beats!

Mix & match samples to build your own custom drum kit. Or load your own samples.

JUST ADDED: Microphone sampling. Choke groups. Song in/out markers.



See what makes Diode-108 the new leader. Make better music—with more fun!


Video Tutorials

Special FX. MIDI Sync w/Cubasis. Note Mode. Drum Kits. Sharing Custom Kits and more…



“This app has overtaken DM1 for me.” “My ‘go to’ sample-based drum machine.” “I love this thing.”

“…Silly money for this kind of fully featured product. Just get it now before they realise you’d pay five times more.” – Music Radar

How are we different?

• the only one with drag-and-drop per beat FX—not just per track
• 16 voices instead of just 9
• MIDI that actually stays synced up
• full choke grid implementation—not just choke groups
• note mode to change pitch
• make and share kits


“A fantastic new Drum Machine for iPad with a stack of effects to choose from and many excellent features. Has a really easy to use interface that makes creating whole songs from your patterns very simple, straight forward and intuitive.” – thesoundtestroom    Learn more…


Diode-108 User Songs

Electro-flamingo, glich, Euro pop, chill, electronica, kalimba, 80’s inspired dance. Tag us in Soundcloud and we’ll add you to the list!


Get More Kits!

Make a Diode-108 kit, export it to Dropbox and then share it from there—or add other kits to your copy of Diode-108.


Sample Songs

Acoustic and electronic kits. 8-bit sounds. Jazz drums. Square waves. Cowbells. A smattering of songs made for Diode, by Diode.